Sonntag, 21. April 2019

Frohe Ostern - Happy Easter

... dear blog-readers

Nele: Do you think the easter bunny brought all these presents for us, Niki?
Nikita: You do believe in Santa Claus, too don't you Nele? 

Wish you all a peaceful and relaxing time with your family and friends, yours Nicola

Montag, 11. Februar 2019

Little Mimerle with us on Rügen

At the end of January we made a short trip to Rügen where we lived in the little town Lohme, up in the North of the Island in a lovely old redbrick house.

The appartment was cosy, lovely furnished and with a nice fireplace... just a lovely little nest to relax and slow down! But we also enjoyed the winterly nature and silence at the sea:

And because I wasn't in the mood to take a Blythe doll with me, I grapped on of my Käthe Kruse Däumlinchens and made some nice pictures with her on the beach

She wore her original little Käthe Kruse coat and a tiny crochet bonnet I made for the dolls. She also snatched a scarf from the Blythe dolls :D And it was so much easier to take pictures with her, because her body is so flexible.

I call her my little Mimerle because of her sweet vintage outfit with the blue dress and a little apron. This kind of outfit has always been "Mimerle" for the bigger dolls in any catalogue. 

Just the Däumlinchen in this outfit are called "Bettina" - weird?! I never understood the logic behind it and I really don't like the name Bettina! So her you see little Mimerle ;)

Unfortunatley my Blythe-mojo has totally left me since months and at the moment I am thinking about downsizing the Blythe collection and to focus more on vintage dolls, like Käthe Kruse and others... After a long time with these big eyed ones, with always the same size and somehow the same face mold, I feel a bit bored and unsatisfied. Even if the customized ones are special and more individual! At the end they are just modern plastic dolls. Not like the old ones wich always seem to have more soul... if a toy can have a soul...

Anyhow I am just thinking out loud and I am really not sure where this road will go to?! 
Maybe it is time for some changes in my toy-collector-life again?

Have a nice Valentine's week, yours Nicola

Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2018

Blythe, Käthe Kruse and some chatter...

One thing is as clear as always: Life is what happens while you make other plans. I had some plans for this blog this year, yes I really had! But what should I say:

- I prefered to spent time with my love and family
without taking pics and documenting it

- I finally moved into my very own flat this summer and had a lot to do with decorating and to acclimatise

- I had a really busy time at work, too

All this made this blog fall into a deep sleep again. But I do not regret anything. It was a try and maybe when I am old & grey and will receive a pension, this thing here will develop to something constant and with a guiding thread?! I think that's okay, because the most time I have the feeling I am writing it just for my own joy and nobody else is reading it.

Now that I have more space in my pretty little flat at Ernst-Thälmann-Park and I picked up all my odds and ends from Minden, I bought this cool Ikea Fabrikör showcase and put it in my very long hallway. First it hosted the Blythe dolls, but I didn't like how they stood in two rows, so they moved back to the studio (yes, I really own a studio again!) and my little Käthe Kruse collection moved in. 

These poor dolls slept in a box in Minden for three years when I moved to Berlin. It was time to liberate them and after some days, where I asked myself why I have so many toys and dolls, and if I really want to be my flat a kinda toy museum, and if all this is true and for real... (yatter-yatter), I fell in LOVE with them again. Doll one (Puppe eins) is still my favourite doll and I adore this sweet little couple made with my mums hair. Also my cute tiny Herzelieb (made with a very small doll one head), with painted hair in its Little Red Ridinghood outfit, fills my heart with joy. 

So it could be you (unknown silent reader) will see more of Käthe Kruse dolls here again in 2019

I also rediscovered my love for vintage Käthe Kruse postcards. Fortunately I kept a few when I decluttered my little blue house in 2015! Here you see doll one (dressed as Michel and Margaretchen) arranged to a cute simple scene, how Käthe Kruse liked it. It says: How Michel cares for the future. 
I plan to hang some frames with postcards around the Fabrikör showcase...

As a last point here are two pictures from an afternoon walk with hot chocolate and Mischa my "So-called-Blythe" custom. My love and I babysitted Pixi, my second granddaughter who arrived in July and enriches our life a lot. 

I wish you peace & harmony and a very good start into 2019 my dear silent readers and if you like you could leave a comment... I would really appreciate to hear from you, yours Nicola

Die hier verwendeten Markennamen/Marken dienen lediglich der Beschreibung der gezeigten Puppen, Puppenhäuser und anderen Dinge. Die Rechte sämtlicher in meinen Beiträgen erwähnte Namen von Marken, Waren oder Informationsanbietern bleiben bei ihren Eigentümern und werden ohne Gewährleistung der freien Verfügbarkeit wiedergegeben. Die Namen sind entweder eingetragene Warenzeichen oder sollten als solche betrachtet werden. 

The here called brand names are protected and are only used because they are part of the product features and quality.

Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2018

Blythe Flat Lay - October

This months theme for the fb group was: "Trick or Treaters" So I made a quick last minute arrangement

I am sorry for my still ongoing absence! There have been a few nice occasions when I made pics but too less time to put them up here... I am hoping for November now...

Have a happy Halloween and lots of treats, yours Nicola

Freitag, 31. August 2018

Blythe Flat Lay - August

This months theme in the Blythe Flat Lay Challenge fb group was: A day in the life. 

So I decided to let Wolkje be a little mini-me, made an IKEA polo for her (by cutting an original second hand shirt in pieces)...

 and let her be a little IKEA Sales-Coworker... That's what I do in my work time... Now, you know :D

Have a nice weekend, yours Nicola - Who is hoping to write more blog posts again in the future!

Sonntag, 8. Juli 2018

Teufelsberg with Rosa

Better late than never I wanted to show you some of the cool pictures from our trip to the Teufelsberg and the abandoned listening device on top of the man made hill. 

 For more information please follow this link because this location has a colourful past which could not be explained in a few words here on my dolly blog

I found so many interesting photo motives and spots! The whole place is full of graffiti and street art:

And Rosa was a perfect model among all the used things and rubbish which were a kind of art itself ;)

 Great, great view from top of the tower: Grunewald and Berlins awesome greenery!

If you ever come to Berlin don't miss to visit the Teufelsberg for its very interesting history and because it is such a fantastic abandoned & enchanted place!

The Blythe-Berlin dolls and I wish you a nice sunday, yours Nicola

P.S.: And like always - there are much more pics here in my flickr album :)

Samstag, 30. Juni 2018

Blythe Flat Lay - June

Show us your chic side

Even if Annabelle & Lola just walk the dogs they never forget to be on the chic side (what also means: never go without an underskirt ;) )

Have a nice weekend and good start into July, yours Nicola aka Blythe-Berlin